Easy Pump the All-In-One Solution that's Just Smart Business

The Easy Pump EMV® Retrofit replaces these
three components on gas dispensers for a lower cost of ownership

  1. Display Screens

    Easy Pump includes premium features like contactless payment for no extra charge.

  2. Keypads

    Stand-alone keypads with batteries can fail every 2-4 years, costing over $1,000 per replacement. Easy Pump doesn't have a standalone keypad.

  3. Card Readers

    Easy Pump is more cost effective to replace than OEM card readers.

Our comprehensive EMV® solution retrofits existing gas pumps and helps you avoid chargebacks plus save on annual maintenance.

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Is Freedom Easy Pump
Right for Your Site?

Our EMV card reader solution is for sites that meet these criteria:

Have Gilbarco Advantage, Encore®, Wayne Vista, or Ovation pumps

Use Heartland Payment Systems or First Data/FiServe processing networks

Work with VeriFone POS Commander or Wayne Fusion site controller

Get EMV Compliant while Saving on Annual Maintenance

Average Cost of Ownership for Easy Pump vs. OEM Parts Over 6 Years


Easy Pump Replacement Cost

$$ $5,621

One OEM pin pad, card reader and display replacement cost over 3 years - avg annual cost


One Easy Pump All-In-One replacement over 3 years - avg. annual cost

$$ $1,873

One OEM pin pad, card reader and display replacement cost over 3 years - avg annual cost

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Spend Less, Fill More

All the Perks Minus The Big Price Tag


The Smart Solution for Aging Pumps

Freedom EP costs sites 65% less for retrofits than most other solutions. For pumps older than 5 years why pay OEM prices to get an aging pump compliant?


Quick Return on Investment

Avoid monthly chargebacks with a ready to ship solution, quick install, limited downtime, and a lower upfront investment.


Only One Part to Replace

The Easy Pump terminal replaces those three costly service pain points; pin pad, card reader and display. With the all in one solution you can reduce replacement part costs and service charges.


Lower Cost of Ownership

Easy pump has more affordable parts, and fewer parts to fail, resulting in lower parts replacement costs and risk of expensive service calls.

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