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Cores Wanted

Our cores wanted page is simply a list of cores that we are looking to purchase. If you find that you have some listed here, please email or fax us with the items that you have. We will update the list frequently so make sure to check it often.

Part NumberDescription
173976-R00Vista 3 Ovation CPU
329278-001TLS-350 4 Relay Output Module
330324-0013-Output Wireless Pressure Line Leak Module
330324-0033-Output Press. Line Leak Module
330746-001TLS-350 4 Relay Output Module
330886-001TLS-350 Sensor Module
331711-001TLS-300 2 Probe / 8 Sensor Board
331711-002TLS-300 4 Probe / 8 Sensor Board
331960-001TLS-350 ECPU2 Board
846390-1014 ft. Mag Plus for Leak Detection
846390-1025 ft. Mag Plus for Leak Detection
846390-1035 ft 4in. Mag Plus for Leak Detection
846390-1046 ft. Mag Plus for Leak Detection
846390-1057 ft. Mag Plus for Leak Detection
846390-1067 ft 6in. Mag Plus for Leak Detection
846390-1078 ft. Mag Plus for Leak Detection
846390-1089 ft. Mag Plus for Leak Detection
846390-10910 ft. Mag Plus for Leak Detection
846390-11010 ft 6in. Mag Plus for Leak Detection
846390-11111 ft. Mag Plus for Leak Detection
846390-11212 ft. Mag Plus for Leak Detection
846390-1179 ft 6in. Mag Plus for Leak Detection
847390-1078 ft. Mag Probe
847390-10910 ft. Mag Probe
887288-R01iGEM IS Barrier Board
890477-R01DW-10 Printer
891687-R01DW-12 Printer
D120V3M D120V Intercom w/ Flex Mic
D153M D15 Intercom
D203M D20 Intercom
D20V3M D20V Intercom w/ Flex Mic
DPU20-24CFIncon TS-1000 Printer
M00065A001Encore 500 PPU
M01546A001Encore 300 Hydraulic Interface
M01922A001Encore/Eclipse Pump Control Node
M01922A003Encore/Eclipse Pump Control Node
M01922A004Encore/Eclipse Pump Control Node
M01922A006Encore/Eclipse Pump Control Node
M01922A007Encore Pump Control Node, (Canada, ATC)
M02044A003Encore 500 Valve Board
M03377A101Encore 500S Color Display Cpu Board
M04119A001Encore 500S USB Printer
M04219A001Encore 500S USB Printer (w/o Paper Tray)
M04329A001Encore 500 Single PPU
M04588A001Encore 500 Single PPU
M05835A001Pump Door Node 4
M05835A003Pump Door Node 4
M05835A004Pump Door Node 4
M07555A001Encore Auxiliary Power Supply Assembly
M07555A004Encore Auxiliary Power Supply Assembly
M10728K002 RebEncrypted card reader (Rebuilt)
M10755A001Encore 300 Hengstler Printer
M10996A001Encore 500S PCA 24v DC Power Supply
M11930K001Flexpay Control Board
M12702A001Pump Control Node 3
M12803A002Pump Door Node 5
M12893A001Encore 700 PPU
M12893A002Encore 700 Dual PPU
M12893A003Encore 700 PPU
P040-02-020Sapphire Thermal Printer
T12C-12Transac 12C 12 Hose Console
T12G-12Transac 12G 12 Hose Console
TSP-LL2-101Incon 8” Probe w/ Leak Detection & Inventory Control
TSP-LL2-125Incon 10 ft Leak Detection & Inventory Control Probe, Rebuilt
TLS-350 PrinterPrinter for TLS-350 and EMC
TMS-800F8 Hose Console
TMS-800F Plus8 Hose Console (Print Option)
TS-1001/2001Incon TS-1001 / 2001 Printer w/ Bd
TSSP-PrinterIncon TS-1001 / 2001 Printer w/ Bd
VP-1000Healy Vac Pump
WU003096IX Secure CAT, Red